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As I have primarily worked in the temporary recruitment space, I have had the pleasure of meeting candidates every day who are often at a bit of a crossroads in their life. They may have been overseas for many years and have now returned to NZ, suddenly finding themselves in their 30s and back living with their parents, unemployed, unsure where the time has gone and what they are going to do with their life. They may be looking for a change in their career after many years at one organisation. They may be returning to the workforce after taking time out to raise children and may have lost their confidence. They may have recently migrated to NZ and are struggling to get their foot in the door, or they may be here on a working holiday. All of these situations lead to interesting conversations and I often find that my interviews turn from structured questions to deep and meaningful conversations about life!

When people are at a crossroads and are unsure about what to do with their career, I tell them to just jump in somewhere and start swimming! Temping provides the perfect opportunity to do this as it gives you flexibility, you’re not over-committing, and it gives you the chance to have a look around and see what works. You never know where it may lead as it gives you the opportunity to showcase your ability, prove yourself, make new contacts, and learn multiple systems. You also have multiple pillars of support from us as well as your onsite manager.

I also tell people to be as flexible as they can, keep an open mind (even if it isn’t the perfect job for them), stay positive, and do a fantastic job no matter how mundane the role seems. You never know who you might meet that could lead you to your dream job!

Sometimes I really do get the feeling that I’m helping change the lives of our candidates.

One of my favourite examples of this is Harish. Harish was my taxi driver one day when I was returning from visiting a client. We got to talking, and Harish told me that he was studying a graduate diploma in professional accounting and working as a taxi driver whilst struggling to get a job in his field. Something about the way he said “I won’t let you down” compelled me to bring him into the office to register. In return, I gave him my word that I would try my best to help him. Six weeks later, a role came up that I thought Harish could be suitable for. My client said that if Harish could make it today, she was free to meet him. Harish dropped everything to attend the interview and got the job! For the last 6 months, Harish has been working in the financial services team as an inward payments team member and said that he is so grateful for the foot in the door that no matter where he goes in his career, he will always remember Madison for giving him an opportunity.


Another favourite happy ending story of mine is Michaela, who came to Madison after having a number of years out of the work force raising children. She started a temporary role through Madison, worked hard, proved herself, and is now in a permanent role, absolutely loving it!


Lauren has been back to Madison a few times now to suit her needs around studying and travelling. She has had some great assignments that have eventuated into permanent roles!


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