Sharing our market knowledge through practical resources

Every year we meet a substantial number of employers and job seekers, and fill thousands of temporary, contract and permanent roles. This gives us access to real-time market information, salaries, and trends that allow us to compile reports and resources to help you, our candidates and clients. Whether you’re looking for salary and remuneration advice or trying to attract and retain top talent, we have insights and reports to help you along the way.

New Zealand Employment Market Reports

Our annual Employment Market Reports (EMRs) provide market commentary, themes, insights, and comprehensive regional salary and remuneration guides for a range of industries and sectors. They’re your one-stop-shop for a thorough look at the state of the employment market, from hiring and job seeker trends, to our predictions for the year ahead.

Industry Reports

We recruit across virtually all industries, with employers ranging from small start-ups and medium sized business, to global blue-chip companies and large public sector organisations, including government and not-for-profits. Here’s where you can find spotlight reports that provide an in-depth look at specific sectors, including salary information.

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