How to avoid that awkward silence at the end of an interview

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It’s coming to the end of the interview when the interviewer says, “Now it’s your turn!” Many job seekers forget that they are there to ask questions too. An interview is a two-way street, not only does the employer need to know you’re the right fit for the job, but you also need to ensure that this is the right job for you. Asking the right questions can impress your potential employer as it shows your interest in the company while also helping you to determine if this is the right job for you.

Questions to ask at your next interview

Consider the following points to touch on…

Office Culture

For me, the environment and atmosphere you work in is probably the most important thing. Finding out about the company’s customs and behaviour can help you determine if they align with what you’re looking for. You want to know you will be in a positive work space and in a role where you don’t feel burdened about going to work each day. If you’re a visual person, asking how the office is laid out can also be helpful.

Team Culture

Finding out about your potential team’s culture is also important. You want to ensure you are supported when under the pump. Having the balance of working hard and having a good laugh with your teammates always makes the day go faster.

Knowing how many are in your team and if there are social events outside of work hours, can be a great indication of how the team operates and whether they promote work/life balance.


This is especially important if you’re heading into a new role all together and need additional support. You want to ensure you are set up right from the word ‘go’! Get a feel of what the structure looks like and what it involves. Find out whether you have classroom or practical training, or will get one-on-one training with other staff members (this really helped me). Training like this will help you find your own style when you are solo.

Management style

Ask some questions so you can get to know what your potential manager’s leadership style is like. Whether you will have weekly/monthly catch-ups or whether you will be expected to be self-managed. Getting to know information about your new manager will help you to discern if they will let you use your strengths to better the company. Also, if you ever get the chance to meet the team, ask them what the management style is like – 9 times out of 10 they will give you the honest truth.

Reason for vacancy

This is not an uncommon question to ask as it shows you are being analytical by wanting to know if someone has left the role due to being unhappy. However, if it’s due to someone being promoted then that’s good news for you, as chances are there is room to progress within the company.

Next Steps

Lastly, never be afraid to leave an interview and ask, ‘what’s the process from here’. Knowing a timeframe will help you to know how long to wait before following up or simply continuing your job search.

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