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Job Hunting
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With the rise of various new job hunting websites and avenues people can search for jobs through, it’s really important to be specific. So many people on Facebook and other sites post things like “any jobs out there”, “I’m looking for work”, “keen to do anything”.

Although employers appreciate you putting yourself out there and being proactive, your message needs to have more information. A great way to approach posting is following a simple structure:

  • My name is…
  • My most recent role was… (job title and industry, not necessarily the company name)
  • Before that I was… (job title and industry, not necessarily the company name)
  • I’m looking for work in… (job type e.g. administration, make sure it’s something that you have the skills and experience to do)
  • I am available… (in three days, in one week, immediately)
  • Any additional information (if you can only work from home, are only looking for part-time work, or can only work during specific hours, say so)

Keep it short, but give the reader enough information to know what you’re looking for and what you’re qualified in. That way if employers read your post and have an opportunity where your skills would be useful, they will be more likely to contact you.

Follow Instructions

This is a great piece of advice and is really important in the job-hunting space. If the ad says PM me or email me, then follow that request. Don’t comment “interested” or “can you email me”. The ability to follow simple instructions will be a good first impression with any potential employer.

Be Mindful of Your Social Media Footprint

With the influx of Facebook job adverts, being conscious of your profile settings is more important than ever. You would be surprised about how much a potential employer can see – and they will search you online, whether that is a quick Google search, or a look at your Facebook or LinkedIn profile.

Does your social media contain photos that may deter a potential employer? The same goes with your posts. With the world becoming more and more digital, your online footprint is readily available, so make sure it portrays a professional demeanour. Social media platforms themselves can help you do this. For example, Facebook gives you an option to ‘View As’, which will show you what a member of the public (who you are not friends with) will see when they look for your name.


LinkedIn Tips

Don’t underestimate the power of LinkedIn, it’s a great way to put yourself out there with minimal effort. Here are our top 5 tips for putting your best foot forward on LinkedIn:

  1. Take time to set up your profile

Add as much information as you can, under your job titles (just like a CV) list your tasks and accomplishments. Add in skills, which people can endorse, and write an engaging ‘about’ section to explain who you are and why you’re on LinkedIn.

  1. Be active

Make a point of going on every couple of days, checking your inbox (and replying), follow interesting people, ‘like’ articles and posts that you enjoyed reading, engage with conversations (in a professional and appropriate way).

  1. Upload a photo of yourself

Whilst not a must-do, research says that people with photos on LinkedIn get more connection requests accepted, but make sure your photo is professional. Use a high-resolution image that has 400×400 dimensions, and ensure your face takes up 60% of the frame so you are recognisable. Be the only person in the picture and remember, no Instagram-worthy selfies!

  1. Update your status

One of our favourite Greg Savage sayings is “Have constant, quality, outbound engagement”. Post regularly, share what’s on your mind, share interesting articles or blogs you have read. Remember, it’s not Facebook so keep it relevant to your sector and the image that you want to portray online.

  1. Make connections

Send connection requests to selected, relevant people in your area or profession, and remember to include a quick message. For example, “Hi Rachel, I hope you’re well. We met at the customer service workshop last week and it would be great to connect”. Keep it simple, but ensure it has a personal touch. If you’ve met in person, for example at an event, or have a mutual connection, it’s often a great idea to mention that too.

To all the job hunters out there, put your best foot forward, be proactive and if you need any help along the way, reach out.

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