What is an Assessment Centre?

An Assessment Centre is an alternative method of recruitment that takes job seekers through tasks and activities that will assess their suitability for a job.

Assessment Centres can be run over a few hours, a work day, or even multiple days, depending on your business requirements. This approach can be particularly useful when you need to achieve multiple hires for a job role—volume recruitment.

Assessment Centre is beneficial because of its fairness and equity, as well as its practicality. The rating approach is designed to minimise potential bias, and ensures each participant is given equal opportunity to demonstrate ability across a range of standardised situations. 

The Assessment Centre Process

We undertake a multistage process in order to design an appropriate Assessment Centre for your organisation. Ideally, your Consultant will spend time in the business to really understand the key behaviours evidenced by your high performing people, ultimately allowing us to understand exactly what we need to elicit and replicate from the Assessment Centres. This time will be invaluable in allowing us to see the hard and soft skills, culture and behaviours at work. 

The end result will be an effective Assessment Centre that delivers the qualified talent that your organisation needs, quickly and efficiently. 


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