Contractor Resourcing

Hiring an independent contractor is an excellent way to add specialist skills and knowledge into your business for a limited time, for example, to complete a project or programme of work, or when you operate an agile business model, and need a workforce that flexes up and down in response to market conditions.

Madison’s contractor resourcing provides on-demand, high level talent for our clients across a range of job families and industry sectors.

All Madison contractors have been extensively vetted, ensuring they have relevant, desirable skill sets, and a reputation for excellent delivery, while holding the appropriate insurances.

Simply let us know about your resourcing needs, we will access our Contractor talent pool, and provide you with some excellent contractor options.

Extra value

Many of our contractors have had impressive careers within government or in large corporates and are now contracting to enjoy the variety, and enhance the breadth of their experience.

Using talented interim contractors in this way means you are not only adding in needed resources, you also get access to new ideas and insights from industry professionals.

Learn from those who have already undertaken similar projects and programmes of work— gain additional value for the benefit of your team and organisation. 

Hire a contractor

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We make it easy for you to hire a contractor. We handle all of the administration, timesheeting and payrolling, we manage the employment relationship, and you get one easy-to-review invoice, each month. 

Looking for a contractor? Submit your brief today to get started.

Need something different?

Madison can help your business, whatever type of hiring you need. We can support you with Permanent, Temporary or Contractor recruitment. We also offer scalable and flexible Volume and Project solutions.

Visit our Talent Solutions page for more information about each of our services.