We’d like to meet your friends...

Here at Madison, we love connecting people, so much so that we built our whole business around it. Now we are asking for your help by introducing us to great people – like you! Give your friends the opportunity to be connected with their ideal new job; we work with some of the best businesses and workplaces around the country.

It’s simple. Complete the form below to refer your friend and if they get a job through us, we will give you $100 Prezzy Card! Too easy.

So, refer a friend (or five) to Madison! Enter details here.


  1. This promotion is run by Madison Recruitment Limited (Madison).
  2. By entering this promotion, you (the Referrer) agree to be bound by these terms and conditions. All referral entries must be submitted in writing.
  3. This promotion period runs until 31st December 2024. No referrals received after this date will be eligible to participate in this promotion.
  4. Referrers currently employed by Madison in a temporary assignment, individuals who have been placed in a permanent position by Madison or who have worked for Madison in an assignment, within the 3 months prior to the date of the referral, are able to participate by making a referral during the promotional period.
  5. The referral reward is not redeemable for cash.
  6. Referral rewards will be issued:
    • In the case of a temporary assignment, after the referred employee has worked for 160 hours of employment, or
    • In the case of a permanent placement, after the referred employee has worked for one calendar month in full time employment, or after 160 hours in part-time employment, or
    • In the case of a contract position, after the referred employee has worked 160 hours. All timeframes outlined in this clause must be verified by our records.
  7. One reward per successfully referred candidate (Referee) will be issued. There is no limit to the number of referral rewards that may be issued to a Referrer, as long as all terms and conditions are met. In the event of multiple referrals received during the promotion period, for one particular referred employee, the first referral only will be regarded as being the successful referral.
  8. Successful Referrers will receive one Prezzy Card to the value of NZD $100.
  9. A Referee cannot be a currently active candidate in the Madison database. A ‘currently active’ candidate means a candidate who, within 2 months prior to the date the referral was received has:
    • applied for a job, or
    • has been referred to a job vacancy, or
    • has been in communication with Madison
  10. It is not the responsibility of Madison to issue referral rewards where notification of the referral has not been provided to Madison by the Referrer. Madison is not required to issue retrospective referral rewards for historic referrals more than 3 months after the candidates’ placement where no notification was provided. It is the responsibility of the Referrer to contact Madison regarding the referral reward within 3 months of the Referee’s placement.
  11. In the case where a Referrer provides a Referee’s details to Madison, the referee must have provided permission and be aware that they have been referred.
  12. By entering this promotion, the Referrer agrees to receive further communication via phone or email from Madison.
  13. Referrers and successful Referees may be contacted to seek details and photographs for promotional purposes. Referrers and Referees have the right to refuse if they don’t want us to use their photo.
  14. For more information on how Madison will take care of your personal information, please read our Privacy Policy.
  15. Internal Madison staff are excluded from this promotion.
  16. All referral rewards are issued at the discretion of Madison’s management.