Temporary Solutions

Hiring a temporary worker is a great way to manage a short-term resourcing need, or an urgent staffing gap in your organisation. As a part of New Zealand’s largest recruitment company, Madison has an extensive, nationwide network of skilled and experienced people who are looking for the flexibility and variety of temporary employment.

Our workforce is available to our clients, to work in your office, or on site. We can provide temps at short notice to cover for sickness or absences, for planned gaps such as holidays or secondments, or to provide an extra pair of hands during busy periods. 

Your peace of mind

  • We ensure that our temporary staff are reference checked with at least two previous employers, have signed full declarations regarding their health status, criminal convictions and residence status.
  • Staff looking for office-based roles are also skills tested to ensure they have the competencies to hit the ground running.
  • For industrial temps, we take a specialist approach to meet ACC and health & safety protocols.

How it works

We partner with you to understand your requirements, and will find the right worker in our network and database to undertake the assignment in your organisation. 

We are the legal employers of our temp workforce and as such, we take care of the direction and supervision of temps working in your business, making it easy for you. This is known as a Triangular relationship.

For more information on Triangular employment relationships, read our handy guide, designed especially for our clients. 

Throughout the assignment, we keep you informed, and ensure you are satisfied with the work provided.

Need a temp worker today? Why not submit a brief to get started, or give your local Madison branch a call to talk with one of our Consultants. 

Need something different?

Madison can help your business, whatever type of hiring you need. We can support you with Permanent, Temporary or Contractor recruitment. We also offer scalable and flexible Volume and Project solutions.

Visit our Talent Solutions page for more information on each of our services.