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Being part of New Zealand’s largest recruitment company, and with a proven track record, we have the breadth and reach to be able to provide efficient, results-driven volume and project recruitment solutions for your business.

With our dedicated National Resourcing Team, we are built for speed: we can ramp up and quickly resource, or reabsorb and reallocate talent once a project is complete. We use the latest technology, automate for efficiency and accuracy, and provide bespoke reporting, featuring easy-to-view dashboards for our clients.

We will support you to ensure your organisation can perform successfully during periods of unexpected change, growth or high demand, without cutting corners, ensuring you have the talent you need, when you need it.

Our Volume & Project Solutions

Our Managed Service solution allows organisations to outsource their contingent workforce.

When you have a managed service, Madison holds the responsibility for sourcing and engaging the temporary, contract and other non-permanent workers you need, along with managing all the administrative work associated with this workforce.  There are numerous benefits to adopting a managed service solution with Madison, including:

  • Agility and scalability; resource up and down, to suit your business needs
  • A best practice and efficient recruitment process
  • Access to a wider pool of talent
  • Better compliance and risk mitigation
  • Reduction in the typical time to hire
  • Control and predictability of spend; and
  • Cost savings

The biggest benefit, and key differentiator of Madison’s Managed Service is that we are able to retain your high performing contingent workers within the Madison network during downtimes. This means there is a continuation of knowledge and capability, to meet any future demands.

We can run a Managed Service Solution for organisations of just about any size, get in touch to find out more.

If you need to rapidly scale up your employee numbers, set up an new team, or even an entirely new centre, Madison’s Volume Recruitment service will deliver the people you need.

We understand that to recruit successfully in bulk for multiple roles and in limited time frames, the recruitment process needs to work a little differently. Madison has been managing volume recruits for over 20 years, and we continue to refine and hone our volume processes to suit the local market, business needs and job seeker preferences, all the while achieving great results. 

We deploy streamlined processes, removing the bottlenecks of typical recruitment and automating where appropriate, while using data and technology, to ensure great outcomes. We offer a Assessment Centre design process to ensure that we truly understand the key behaviours and skills you need from your people, and that each new hire meets this benchmark. You can read more about our Assessment Centre process here.

We’ve run successful volume recruitment exercises for many large organisations in both the private and public sector. To read more about how Volume Recruitment works, take a look at this recent case study of a successful volume and RPO solution. 

Interested in a Volume solution?  Contact us today to get started.

Madison’s Recruitment Process Outsourcing (RPO) is a strategic solution to transferring recruitment responsibility over to us as talent acquisition experts, maximising efficiencies, while maintaining your brand, taking a long term view and ensuring you meet your resourcing needs. We are experienced in managing RPO situations, and can take over the entire end-to-end process, or some parts of it, depending on your needs.

The benefits of choosing Madison RPO:

  • Access to an expanded talent pool in the challenging Kiwi labour market
  • Sophisticated sourcing techniques to deliver the people you need
  • Candidate selection via our rigorous and legally compliant recruitment processes
  • Seamless, engaged support from professional recruiters
  • Efficiencies and costs savings throughout the recruitment life-cycle

Our RPO solution can easily be scaled up, or down, so that you can properly resource during busier times or projects and then reduce consultant numbers when it’s quiet. There’s no wasted time, or spend.

For the best results, we will typically embed our experienced Consultants into your larger HR team and business, so they are fully able to absorb, support and communicate your culture and brand. To job seekers, the Madison RPO consultants appear as if they are your own people, thereby enriching their recruitment experience, and commitment to your business.

Interested in RPO?  Contact us to find out how this could work in your organisation.

What we call Unbundled Recruitment is a flexible approach to taking apart the end-to-end recruitment service, and completing only the parts of the recruitment process that are needed, as a standalone service. 

We know that sometimes our clients have the skills and resources in-house that will allow them to complete some key elements of the recruitment process, while still needing support in other areas.

Madison will scope the ‘unbundled’ elements that your organisation needs, and then our Consultants will step in and provide seamless, skilled assistance in only those areas.

This responsive and adaptable approach saves you time, allowing us to complete steps where it makes sense for your organisation, and of course also removing unnecessary spend. 

Here are some of the unbundled solutions we can provide:

  • Creating compelling advertising for your jobs
  • Selecting & posting to appropriate job boards & other channels
  • Resume screening & shortlisting
  • Phone or video interviews, at first or second stage
  • Job skills testing, psychometric testing
  • Reference checking

Interested in Unbundled? We are happy to provide advice on how this service might best work for your business, please get in touch to chat. 

Need something different?

Madison can help your business, whatever type of hiring you need. We can support you with Permanent, Temporary or Contractor recruitment.

Visit our Talent Solutions page for more information on each of our services.