What’s in our Employment Market Report and Why it Matters to You

Everyone likes a bit of insider intel, don’t they? We all look for the foodie’s scoop on the best places to eat, or hit up our builder mates for advice about where to…

A Working Holiday in New Zealand: Getting Work Ready – Everything I Wish I’d Known

Getting yourself organised for a working holiday looks a little different from getting yourself organised for a normal holiday – or at least it should! Imagine you’re packing for that exciting week away…

Why New Zealand? The Pros and Cons of a Working Holiday in New Zealand

When I’m chatting with friends and family overseas, it’s the question that I’m asked most often: so, what’s it like living in New Zealand? The short answer is easy – it’s great!  After…

A Working Holiday in New Zealand: a Series about Living and Working in NZ

Looking back now, it seems pretty random that I have ended up living here in Auckland – but I am mighty pleased that fate led me here. I love my life here in…

How to Write a CV for the New Zealand Market

Are you moving to New Zealand, and ready to start your job hunt? Take the ‘Kiwi way’ into consideration, and adapt your CV to the local market when applying for jobs.

The Real World of Contracting

Employment can take on a range of forms – there are permanent, part time, temporary, fixed-term, and contracting positions. When interviewing candidates and discussing their preferences, we’d have to say that the most…

Tips for Sustainability At Work

Start reducing your impact on the planet with these six easy tips for sustainability in the workplace, from our Associate Consultant, Roisin.

New Zealand: A Country of Volunteers

In honour of #NVW2019, Senior Consultant Kate talks about her amazing experiences volunteering, and provides some resources so that you can get involved too.

new to new zealand
New to New Zealand?

Have you just arrived, or are you planning a working holiday to New Zealand? We’ve got hot tips for getting settled, and set up for work from someone who’s been there, done that.