What’s in our Employment Market Report and Why it Matters to You

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Everyone likes a bit of insider intel, don’t they? We all look for the foodie’s scoop on the best places to eat, or hit up our builder mates for advice about where to get quality timber. So, who do you ask when you’re looking for a new job, or you’re hiring staff and you need to know what’s happening in the job market? Ask us!

We live and breathe recruitment, which means we hold a vast amount of up-to-date job market knowledge based on lived experience and first-hand feedback from both employers and candidates. That’s why I’ve come to see Madison’s annual Employment Market Report (EMR) as something of special insider’s guide, a goldmine of employment market intelligence for anyone interested in Kiwi business and our local labour market. Read on to find out more about the report and how you can use it!

What’s in the report?

We’ve recently published the 8th edition of our EMR and yes, I say this every year, but it really is the best edition yet! Our reports began their life as a modest salary survey of the industries we work across, and over the years they’ve developed into a comprehensive guide to all-things employment in Aotearoa, including:

  • Job market trends
  • Industry deep dives and commentary
  • Comprehensive salary data

Where does the data come from?

As part of the largest recruitment group in New Zealand, Accordant, we’re uniquely placed to observe job market trends and developments across the recruitment industry.

Here’s a snapshot of what the 2023 EMR contains:

  • Employers Gain valuable insights from over 250 organisations representing diverse industries and locations across New Zealand.
  • Job Seekers – Explore the views, preferences, and feedback from nearly 2,500 employees.
  • Locations – Access data from across Aotearoa, including major cities brimming with job opportunities, as well as insights from smaller regions.
  • Industries – Delve into a wide range of industries, everything from Contact Centre to Government, encompassing various sectors and role types.
  • Sectors – Understand both the public and private sectors, with analysis and trends specific to each.
  • Candidates – Key data derived from over 18,000 phone-screened and interviewed candidates, along with insights from over 4,000 successful job placements.
  • Consultants – Benefit from the expertise of our team of 65 specialist consultants, who contribute valuable feedback and industry insights.
  • Salaries – Access benchmarked salary range data for close to 150 job titles across five key locations, multiple industries, and job types.

How can the report help you?

Our Employment Market Report offers more than just raw data without context; it provides valuable industry insights and commentary to help you make informed decisions. Our report can help you make decisions about hiring, negotiating salaries, or exploring new job opportunities.

If you’re an employer:

The gloomy economic forecast, combined with a still-low unemployment rate and ongoing a talent shortage, means that successful recruiting remains challenging for many organisations. At the same time, candidates are also facing their own challenges. Regardless of which side you’re on, knowledge is power. Our report addresses the fundamental questions asked by hiring managers, such as:

  • What predictions can be made for 2023? Which markets are expected to grow, and how is the recession affecting candidates?
  • How do salary trends impact employee retention and attraction? Are pay rates expected to continue rising, and how does this influence your compensation strategies?
  • What are the major skills shortages in the market, and how can you overcome these challenges?

If you’re a job seeker:

Our report can help you navigate the job market with confidence and make informed decisions about your career. It provides valuable insights and answers key questions such as:

  • What skills are employers looking for when hiring? How can you align your skill set to stand out in the job market?
  • What salary range can you expect for your desired role in your location? What are the trends for salary increases?
  • Which industries are experiencing growth and providing new job opportunities?

Get your report copy now

Whatever your employment-related situation, our Employment Market Report offers the help and insights you need. Best of all, it’s completely free!

We hope you find this year’s Employment Market Report useful, and please don’t hesitate to reach out to us directly if you have any feedback or questions.

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