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Work Fashion Tips
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We asked our lovely Facebook fans to share with us their top work fashion tips. They’ve given us some fantastic advice that we’ve started using ourselves and we’d love to share it with you so you can be dressed to impress!

 1. Start with the basics

Get good basics! It’s easy to dress up a good solid base. A great place to start is the 3 things every girl should have in their wardrobe: Blazer, White Button-down Shirt and Pencil Skirt. You can wear them with other garments and even play with colours. Singlets and Pants are also great and can be easily dressed up or down with accessories.

Submitted by Stephanie

 2. Avoid buying ‘work’ and ‘casual’ outfits

Buy things you can dress up for work, and down for the weekend. It’ll save you from having two separate wardrobes. As long as you are purchasing quality items you’ll be able to accessorise to suit your mood and style.

Submitted by Malia

 3. Make use of that Little Black Dress

Always have a LBD that you can pair with any blazer or cardigan or shoes! Spice it up with a little bit of colour from the current season (ie// oranges in Autumn & Pales greens & pinks in Spring)

Submitted by Ally

 4. Simple = elegant

Simple outfits are the most elegant. Sass up your basic black & other neutrals with a lovely top or colorful scarf. Focus on one bold statement piece & you could pretty much wear the same neutral uniform a few times a week & nobody would notice!

Submitted by Ronita & Amery

 5. Create your own uniform using color

Pick one colour for each day of the week and shop accordingly, it makes choosing an outfit everyday a lot easier. My colours are:

  • Blue: Monday
  • Purple: Tuesday
  • Red: Wednesday
  • Orange: Thursday
  • Black: Friday

Submitted by Tabitha

 6. Patterns are your friend

Always have black/white/striped or polka dot items in your wardrobe. It’s very easy to mix and match these items with colour or even your basics. For example: a black and white striped top looks awesome with a bright colour skirt.

Submitted by Khushboo

 7. Be yourself

I think professionalism is key but I always like to add a bit of an edge to my outfit to show my individuality and personality. A statement piece can take your outfit from boring to fabulous in one hot minute.

Submitted by Samantha

 8. Stay warm, or cool

In winter, wearing a thermal can be a great way to keep warm without the heaviness of a coat or jacket. In summer, ensure you are choosing lightweight fabrics and blazers so you aren’t left overheating in the sun!

Submitted by Haylee

 9. Don’t forget about the shoes!

I always make sure I have a pair of dark purple shoes to light up my wardrobe! They make your outfit pop, you stand out and they go with every colour, black, navy, grey! All your basics are turned into works of genius!

Submitted by Charlene

 10. Dress to impress

Always remember: You would rather be overdressed than under-dressed

Submitted by Kelly

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