Moving to a new country is really exciting, but it can also be stressful, with a lot to think about! We’re here to make things easy – whether you’re backpacking, on a working holiday, or staying on a long-term work visa, we’ll help you find the right job!

How we can help

As a recruitment company, we recruit staff on behalf of other businesses. Think of us as job matchmakers – we match talented candidates (like you!) with potential employers (our clients), to find the best fit for everyone.

With new jobs coming up all the time, we have a role to suit most skills levels, experience, and visa types. Our Consultants make the job application process quick and easy, and can conduct interviews in person or online from wherever you are.

Already got your visa? Send us your CV to get started!

What we offer

Jobs to suit your travel plans

Whether you’re looking for full-time temporary work for a few months before travelling over summer, or a long-term contract that’s part time so you can do shorter trips in between, we recruit all types of work!

Jobs to suit your skill set

From admin to government, we recruit across nearly all industries. Plus, as part of New Zealand’s largest recruitment group (Accordant), if we can’t find the right role for you, our other businesses might be able to!

Jobs to suit your lifestyle

Want a 9-5 office job so that you can save evenings and weekends for exploring? Or maybe you want an evening job so you can meet new people and see the sights during the day? We’ve got options!

Jobs to suit your experience

No experience? No problem! We’ve got everything from entry-level roles that require minimal experience, to senior roles that require specialist skills, so you can continue developing your career, or try something new.

Jobs across NZ

With branches across the country, we can help you find work nearly anywhere! If you move, no need to go through the Madison interview process again, one of our other branches will help find you a new job.

Jobs for career progression

Take a ‘gap year’ without the gap in your CV! We recruit a wide range of roles that will help you gain valuable skills and experience to take back home.

Jobs with regular pay

Get money in your pocket every week. With our quick online application form and streamlined interview and registration processes, we’ll get you working ASAP!

Jobs with big Kiwi names

We recruit for some of the most well-known and sought-after companies in Aotearoa, which will look great on your CV – here, abroad, or back home!

Got your visa?

If you’ve already got your Working Holiday Visa or other NZ Work Visa then send us your CV (whether you’ve arrived yet or not) and we’ll help you find a job!

No visa yet?

If you’re waiting for your visa to be approved or haven’t applied yet, sign up to get email updates with useful information about living and working in New Zealand.

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