Outplacement & Transition

We know that change is often difficult for organisations and staff, particularly in times of restructuring, mergers and down-sizing. We provide a range of services to support organisations and staff going through change, including situations where the change results in the disestablishment of roles. At Madison, we offer personalised programmes that meet the needs of those affected by any restructuring occurring within your organisation. These include both self-directed solutions as well as face-to-face expert support and guidance.

Exit interviews

Exit interviews are critical to an organisation’s engagement and retention strategies.  Unfortunately, in some organisations there can be an instinctive mistrust of the process. We can provide an external interviewer to canvass the exiting employee’s attitude and opinion in a safe and secure manner to ensure that real and actual feedback is gained as opposed to watered down, appropriate commentary. Remuneration is often cited as the employee’s motivation to move on, however this is more often than not used as an easy scapegoat, and may indicate a disconnect between the employee’s reason for leaving and the manager’s perception of their motivations for leaving. Madison Consulting is also able to interview the employee’s manager to provide information that could highlight a misunderstanding in engagement levels and shed light on what could be improved for existing employees.

Individual Coaching & Workshops

We offer a range of tools to support people in times of transition.

  • Job Choice and Application Assistance: This service assists staff affected by restructuring in clarifying realistic job choices and assists them in selecting and responding to suitable vacancies. This can include cover letter writing and/or telephone enquiry skills, as well as providing tips and techniques for working with recruitment agencies.
  • CV Consultation and Development: We can help staff affected by restructuring to prepare an effective CV that lists their competencies and achievements, uses the right language and format and professionally conveys their skills and abilities to all future employers.
  • Interview Guidance: We can offer coaching and guidance in interviewing techniques. This includes training in what to expect during an interview, how to answer questions and providing behaviourally based examples. It can include interview critique sessions and simulated interview experiences.
  • Job Searching: As recruitment specialists we will work alongside those involved to ensure they are aware of all opportunities currently on offer at Madison that suit both their preferences and align with their skills. It is our role to provide consistent support and feedback throughout this process.
  • Career Transition Workshops: Our Career Transition workshops are tailored to meet your business needs. They can include, but are not limited to all of the above-mentioned components of our career transition offerings. We work across all levels within businesses and our workshops are targeted accordingly.
  • Individual Career Assessment and Coaching Programme: This programme provides coaching and support and is tailored to meet the needs of the participant. The aim is to work with them to quickly ascertain their next career move and best use of their skills, experiences and competencies. The programme includes psychometric profiling, resume advice, preparation and production, interview role play, competency critique of potential job opportunities as well as unlimited access to our consulting team for assistance and advice throughout the duration of their job search.

Our Team

What we came to realise in recent years is that we became successful not because we positioned ourselves as a group of big super professional corporates, but because of our people and the relationships we formed and the depth of our expertise.

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